About Us

BringsForYou is a revolutionary marketing platform that offers exciting opportunities to win fantastic prizes through lucky draws! For a small participation fee, you can enter our draws to win life-changing prizes like mobile phones, bikes, and more!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make luxury accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to own their dream products, and we're making it happen through our lucky draws.

how it works
How to Participate?
  1. Choose your lucky draw: Select the prize you want to win, such as a mobile phone or bike.
  2. Pay the participation fee: Pay a small amount to enter the draw.
  3. Wait for the results: Our automated system will randomly select the winner.
  4. Claim your prize: If you win, we'll deliver your prize right to your doorstep!

Mobile Just in Rs.100

Win a mobile phone for just Rs. 100! Our lucky draw offers an unbeatable price for a brand new mobile. Participate now and take a chance to win big!


Bike Just in Rs.300

Win a bike for just Rs. 300! Our lucky draw offers an unbeatable price for a brand new bike. Participate now and take a chance to win big!


Refrigerator Just in Rs.150

Win a brand new refrigerator through our exciting lucky draw. Participate now and take a chance to upgrade your kitchen with a latest-model fridge!

Why Choose Us
  • Affordable participation fee
  • Transparent and automated draw process
  • Exciting prizes to be won
  • Easy and secure payment options
Modes of payment
  1. Mobile Wallets: You can transfer fees from JazzCash, Easypaisa, HBL Pay etc.
  2. Online Banking: You can transfer fees from any bank of mobile banking app and ATM by Account Number.
  3. QR Code: Scan the QR code from any mobile wallets app or any mobile banking app.
Account Numbers and QR Code for Transfer of Participation Fee

BringsForYou offers a convenient and secure way to transfer your participation fee through account transfer from the following banks:

A transaction screenshot must be uploaded to the website to be included in the lucky draw list.
National Bank of Pakistan

The Bank of Punjab

Allied Bank

Join the Fun

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity! Participate in our lucky draws today and take a chance to win big!

How do we earn?

Our lucky draw platform is supported by advertising revenue and sponsorships. When you participate in our lucky draws, you help us generate income from these sources, which allows us to continue providing exciting prizes and rewards to our winners. In short, our benefits come from the ads you see on our platform.